Intuition Starter® for Business

The Intuition Starter® for Business public workshop is designed to help you start using your intuition whether for the first time or after a lapse of trust.  The practice of working with your intuition is like any skill. You get started and then you still need to practice and apply to get comfortable over time.  

Ultimately developing a greater awareness and application of your intuition helps overcome the doubt, uncertainty, distraction that get in the way of you doing even better in your work.

Specifically there are five areas we cover to unlock your intuition and get your started:

  • Awareness-Defining what intuition means for you personally
  • Approach-Discovering your unique style
  • Access-Working your style
  • Application-Using intuition in your work
  • Action-Setting direction with clarity

By delving into this experience with others in a group situation you gain the extra added benefit of safe validation, practice and feedback.

This workshop will help you address the challenges  we face in the way we get in our own way.  It will help you create strategies to overcome the distractions and excuses so you can really have fun with work.

Intuition then becomes a way of listening to and actually knowing what our inner voice is telling us to do.


Is this program for you?

Stepping up to develop and hone your intuition requires commitment. 

There are also a few indicators that you are right for this type of development:

  1. You are open to new ways of doing business.
  2. You seek out and explore new trends at work.
  3. You engage regularly in personal and professional development.
  4. You have a strong desire to think outside the box.
  5. You want to be more innovative and creative.
  6. You want to save time in your work.
  7. You like to have fun learning.
  8. You like to be a natural mentor at work through your example.
  9. You are in a business environment where you can apply your learning.
  10. You want to ride the waves of change.

This work is about connecting to your own inner wisdom and using this knowledge as a trusted guide in the work you do.

Accessing and applying intuition and wisdom in real and practical ways is the key skill of the future. You will be able to know how to read a situation and then take action based on what is right for you.  This is not simply feeling what your gut says. It is far more.  

Why work with intuition?

Well on a basic level you can:

  • Save time.

  • Be more direct.

  • Increase confidence.

  • Make better decisions.

  • Improve relationships.

On another level you can:

  • Better read unfamiliar situations.

  • Take informed action.

  • Inject more lateral insight into discussions.

  • Enjoy discovering new ways to solve problems.

  • Empower your self.

  • Step up to new levels of influence.

Ultimately you stand up for yourself, gain a sense of your own voice and make a far greater and more meaningful contribution in all your pursuits.  Intuition when developed and practiced becomes your edge and your ticket to a much more enjoyable and fruitful working situation.

It's time to listen to you

Over the course of your career you hone the skills needed to operate effectively. You learn from others willing to share their experience, knowledge and wisdom.  At some point though you reach a point where listening to your own wisdom and insight serves you and others better.  Believing in yourself enough to trust your intuition is an empowering step to take. Now is better than never. 

You are in good company

Many well known successful people will eventually cite intuition, gut feel, instinct or just ‘knowing’ as the means to which they made a final decision or went in a certain direction.  Consider the contribution of famous people such as Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Jonas Salk, Richard Branson, to name a few.  They all speak about the importance of intuition in their decision making and work.  Intuition is seen as a valuable resource and business partner in addition to the other tools.  Enjoy some words of wisdom from these inspiring leaders.


Expressions of interest



This workshop is designed to work with a small group to ensure optimal experiences for individuals and the group.  More details will be provided with joining instructions after registration.

Your investment

One day workshop fee $550 including GST.

What others have to say

Attending Jenn’s workshop has helped me to access different information to help make important decisions. When I feel concerned about a decision or best course of action, I use the techniques from the workshop to ask questions and see what comes up. The importance of this is to balance the dominance of the brain in decision-making - the brain can sometimes be stuck in patterns and intuition can help us break through that. Thanks Jenn.
I attended Jenn Shallvey’s Intuition Starter® workshop when I felt as if I had been at a cross road for far too long. I had already done some work with Jenn a few months back so leapt at the opportunity of moving on with this. I felt as if I sort of knew where I might be headed but needed some reassurance about that not from anyone else but myself!
Jenn’s workshop was a sanctuary not only physically but mentally. It was a space where we all felt immediately safe to declare our space of uncertainty and doubt. Most of us in the room were in similar positions and while we didn’t expect Jenn to give us the answers she gently led us on a revealing journey providing us with thoughtful insight on how we might use intuition in our businesses and lives. One thing I learnt was that often the answer can come quickly despite days, weeks or even months of toiling. By using the techniques I learned from Jenn I am able to access incredibly valuable intelligence that was probably waiting for me all along. I had carried my business name with me for many years but didn’t do anything with it.
Since the workshop I not only arrived at a tagline but also (with the help of a great graphic designer) am now the proud owner of branding that I love - logo, colours etc. I also have found a space to work and present in that I am so happy with. I didn’t realise that changing my environment would have such a huge impact but I learned about this in the workshop. I am now more productive and my business is growing.
The course was great, very insightful and thought provoking. Jenn created a safe and healthy environment that allowed deep reflection without criticism. Jenn was a great instrument enabling us to have the courage to access, trust and use our intuition.
The workshop helped me clarify what my understanding of intuition is and how some things I take for granted as ‘normal’ are not.
I am grateful for Jenn offering these public workshops and can’t recommend them to highly enough for anyone feeling stuck or considering a change in their business or career.
The space you created, the time you gave, the way you just let us have ‘peace’ to think and the genuine care you have for people just shines through and puts me at ease. All contributed to a great outcome.
So great to have a space to centre again, reconnect, hear stories and be reminded that we are all intuitive. For me good to know that all is well and my intuition is stronger.
Jenn’s contribution and summaries resonated with me.
Jenn used perfectly appropriate language, stories and tools to reinforce the message.
I feel affirmed and more confident that my intuition is already working. I am keen to develop, play with it more, especially different ways of sharing it.